Check This Starter Pack for Wonderful Copse

Please note that some species may show signs of rust, leaf spots and powdery mildew due to recent heat and humidity. These conditions are common at this time of year and do not harm seedlings. Once planted and given enough space for sufficient air flow, the seedlings recover the next season.

Build your own piece of paradise with this Copse starter pack. It contains everything you need to plant a mini forest school classroom or create a small but peaceful oasis for birds.

Each package contains 30 trees, including silver birch, crab apple and hazel.

Silver birch is a striking medium-sized tree with pale bark and golden catkins that bloom from April to May. It provides food and habitat for more than 300 species of insects.

The crab apple produces sweet fragrant flowers in spring, which develop into small apple fruits that ripen in after summer/autumn. Its leaves are food for the caterpillars of many moths and its flowers provide an important source of early pollen and nectar.

Hazel grows male and female flowers on the same tree. The yellow male kittens appear in front of their jagged pointed leaves, and the female flowers are tiny and bud-like. Once pollinated by the wind, these flowers develop into oval fruits and after ripen into nuts, which are popular with wildlife.

Estimated mature size: C
Crab apple: 7-9m, silver birch: 15-20m and hazel 10M+.

Purchase size and growth:
These trees are cell-growing seedlings about 15-60 cm in height. Cell-growing trees can be planted all year round in most situations, as long as they are properly cared for. Please note that, depending on the time of year when you receive your sapling (especially in early spring), it may not look very naughty on arrival.

United Kingdom and Ireland, Native and Mature (UKISG):
Every sapling we offer is native to the UK and Ireland and is grown to minimise the risk of importation and spread of tree pests and ailments. The seeds are collected and stored in the UK and Ireland, and they are all coded and stacked so that we can track each tree.

You can find more information about the trees in this mix here.

The images in this product list show the seedlings grouped and packed. This plastic sheet is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and is 100% recyclable. We recommend that users recycle them When they are ready to plant their trees.

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