Exercise for Nature Connection

For this exercise, find a place, an arbitrary place where there is nature (which, let’s face it, is everywhere and everywhere; The air you breathe, even the body with which you perceive the world, is part of “nature”).

In this practice, we begin by sharpening our perceptual powers. Imagine that you have just landed here on planet Earth and that you are experiencing this reality for the first time. What are you curious about? What is it that strikes you? What environmental aspects attract your attention?

Open and touch all the senses. What is it to see, to hear, to feel, to smell? Focus your attention on something that gives you pleasure inside or around you. Allow your attention to remain focused on this object. Resist the usual tendency to quickly move on. Stick to it, Explore and explore all its qualities with the senses.

What happens if you stay with The experience? Often, the more we look, the more we see, because new layers of detail appear when the subtleties and nuances of an image are revealed to the patient eye. Rich details that we never thought existed in something so mundane appear.

Once you have “perceived” it, then open yourself completely to “receiving” – open yourself to the experience, as if accepting it in your mind and body, appreciating and appreciating the details, nuances and flavors of the experience.

It starts with Intention – intentionally drawing your attention to a particular object; then perception-taking care of what you perceive. Then we can experience simply by opening up and surrendering to the experience; to really allow the experience to nourish you, you can imagine that the experience flows within you as you simply open up and receive the goodness that you perceive.

Adapting the body and mind to The experience: how does it feel? What sensations, emotions and thoughts arise? Enjoy all the pleasant feelings and bathe in their warm radiance.

Through this process, we train The attention to be flexible: we alternate between an external focus and an internal focus and notice that there is really no separation between the inside and the outside, but simply different aspects of our current reality that we can perceive and appreciate. This process only takes 30 seconds or a few minutes, but can have a subtle but powerful effect on your ability to reduce Stress and increase your emotional well-being.

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