Feel the Breeze of Nature

The world is animated by the wind. This invisible and secret force can give life to a landscape. His absence can cast a quiet silence on the earth. On arid peaks, its power is barely noticeable, in forests and seas, its presence is manifested.

The winds are wild and sometimes destructive. If we look deeply into the nature of the wind, if we think about its life, its journey to us, we can see the interconnected nature of all things. Sunlight moves to the surface of the Earth, where the air is heated unevenly on land and sea, which allows it to expand and rise at different speeds until this rising and pent-up air accumulates in gusts that sway the oceans and ripple the seas. The wind can make rag dolls from trees and tear them from their roots.

The beauty of the wind is its dynamics. It is neither constant nor predictable. In one Minute he lifts The place; in the next there is an ever-lasting lull of peace. On mild days, it is the whisper of God; in a wilder form, it is the roar of a monster, a voice that bursts out with wild and furious energy.

When it blows, the air touches the surface of canals, lakes and seas, blowing magnificent patterns of rhythmic energy into the flowing silence. The trees bend in submission, like leaves, branches and roots, they dance to his music, his crazy manic energy. The forests go in circles and send signals to the clouds, waving to the sky and laughing to the stars.

When he is angry, he blows blackened clouds over angry skies. The wind is a river and, in its torrent, clouds rush over each other to seek refuge, refuge from the screaming spirits of the moving air.

What is the Wind?

We often see across the room. We don’t notice The air as much as the earth or the water. It is empty, invisible. Our attention is drawn to a presence rather than an absence. We do not see space, but objects in space, but it is this space that “holds” everything else and allows all things to be. The air is an ocean; the wind is the waves and the strong waves that cross the ocean. Pure energy.

The wind speaks to us through sight and hearing, but perhaps more directly we feel its presence through our sensitive bodies wrapped in skin. If you can imagine the earth as a body, the wind is your breath – no different from the breath that animates and vitalizes our own living bodies.

The wind travels long distances and accumulates perfumes and aromas – can you recognize a subtle sense of smell?

Note the lull between the gusts, the silence, the silence. Then watch the world come alive with joy as the earth’s lungs explode into the atmosphere. Pay attention to as many details as possible. How does it feel in your body?

Take a deep breath and feel the chest and abdomen expand. then release and feel how the body empties. Can you feel your breath and the wind intertwined?

Engage the senses while the Breeze comes to life. What is the Air Quality? Is it hot or cold, soft or strong? Feel his firmness, it is strength, it is boldness – what can he teach you? Can you borrow this energy and use it in your own life? Can you be like the wind-fluid, firm and free?

Let it pour over you like water; bathe in it, enjoy its touch, let it calm and calm your mind, blow away anxious thoughts and stressful feelings like leaves, scatter your worries in the atmosphere and disintegrate into infinite space.

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