Reason Woods Are Good for Our Wellbeing

Forests and Trees are good for our Health and Well-being.

Many of us feel it intuitively. But there is also a growing mountain of scientific evidence, which has received increased attention since the recent times, painting a picture of the health benefits of trees, forests and the natural environment. Find out how we are action for more people to have access to forests and collaborating with experts nationwide, launching health programs and exploring the benefits of nature and the forest.

Nature makes us better

In addition to improving our quality of life, green spaces can help us to be in better body health and improve our mental well-being. Nature relieves stress, stabilizes blood pressure and treats anxiety and get-down. Its effects have even been shown to increase anti-cancer cells, reduce the frequency of underweight births and accelerate recovery after surgery.

Mental health

1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental illness at some point in their lives. Statistics also show that mental health problems are more frequent, more lasting and more effective than other health conditions. Spending time in nature is a great way to support mental health, as it can improve mood and reduce stress.

body Health

Lack of exercise is a well-known problem in British healthcare. A quarter of mature are obese and body inactivity is expected to cost the NHS 10 billion pounds a year by 2050. Exercising in nature can provide a better workout, increase your vitamin D, and provide a much more comfortable environment than an average gym.

Taking care of nature in our forests

Smithills Estate

With the help of National Lottery funding, our team at Smithill supports marginalised and isolated groups in and around Bolton. Walking and discussion sessions organized with Bolton Mosque Council and aimed at people suffering from anxiety and Agoraphobia introduced Smithills Estate to 65 people who lack confidence in nature.

Meanwhile, a series of walks carried out with the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust have given respite to those caring for loved ones with schizophrenia.

The monthly manifestations of dementia have also proven to be particularly successful. Up to 40 people took part in dementia hikes, which start and end with tea and cakes and are suitable for all skills.

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