Soil for Our Growing Society

In order for a plant to reach its full potential, it needs the right conditions.

The soil is all important. Everything grows in the Ground. If the soil is good and you have the right amount of sun and water, everything takes care of itself. Nature follows its own Path. We don’t need to intervene. The tiny acorn grows towards the majestic oak.

Would the same oak tree grow in a desert? Would it bloom in a small flower pot? What if the soil is sterile and polluted?

With people, it’s no different. To grow and exploit our full potential, we need the right conditions. In our matter, we could consider society as the soil on which we grow up. What do I mean when I say “company”? I mean in the broadest sense: our families, our communities, our schools, our friends, our government institutions, our laws, our offices, our work, our leisure spaces, our culture… the world we live in.

Does our society offer optimal conditions for human growth and development?

Each person receives the appropriate conditions that allow him to prosper… to become what he has always wanted to become by nature: artist, peasant, nurse, animator, thinker, writer, scientist, mother, teacher, Explorer?

Is our society more like an industrial enterprise where only one or two crops are considered valuable? Where tropical forests are cut down to make room for profitable and consumable crops. Where any tendency to be an artist, researcher or philosopher is suppressed in favor of something more practical… maybe an accountant, an accountant or a banker? It’s not that there is anything wrong with these professions if you like to do it. Does society facilitate the discovery of his Talent and allow him to cultivate it? Is that what the school is doing, or is our current education system doing the exact opposite in a sense? Does it teach children to question and think for themselves, or does it teach them to remember facts and adapt?

Remember when you were very young. What did you like to do at the time? What really interested you? Maybe it’s been so long that you find it difficult to remember. Did you have a natural tendency to something? Have you been one of the lucky ones and have you followed this interest all your life or have you stopped for some reason? Has it been deleted? When did it become very important to “fit in” and please others? When did You become a pragmatist? When did safety become the most important thing? When did it become a dream to earn a lot of money, own material things and “succeed”? What is Success? Have you ever been able to follow your true dream, or have you always seemed unrealistic and unachievable to do so? Have you ever wondered what you would really like to do with your life? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

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