Woodland Carbon Nature Care Project

As part of our forest carbon program, a new forest planted on your land binds carbon and supports the recovery of nature with the added bonus of additional income. Woodland Carbon is our programme to promote new tree plantations that block the UK’s inevitable carbon emissions.

Our nature-rich program is certified according to the Woodland Carbon Code and uses native trees that have been purchased and grown in the UK and Ireland.

Our conservation-oriented forest supply program not only binds carbon, but also helps transform your land into a new habitat for wildlife, with the added bonus of additional income for you too.

Depending on the size of your project, you can receive up to 70% of the agreed value of your forest in exceptional emission units once we have validated your project (for conversion into forest carbon units as your trees grow and sequester carbon). This is followed by 15% for the first successful progress report after 5 years and the remaining 15% for the 15-year progress report.

Source of funding

The carbon capture potential of your new forest will be assessed in forest carbon units and you will be paid for it.

We are here to help you

From site design to grant applications, we are at your side at every step, including to cover the costs incurred under the Forest Carbon Code.

Respectful of nature

Our program ensures that native trees are planted in the right place, binds carbon and provides habitats for wildlife.

How the Forest Carbon System works

We were one of the organizations that were instrumental in the development of the Forest Carbon Code, so you can be sure that we will guide you through the process.

  1. We will review your website and discuss your needs with you.
  2. We calculate the amount of carbon that you could bind by new tree plantations and offer you an offer.
  3. After the agreement, we will create a customized program for you and sign an agreement together.
  4. We register your website with the Woodland carbon code.
  5. Their site is planted with native trees and shrubs.
  6. Once your site has been validated, the Woodland Trust will receive the outstanding emission units (UIPS) that will be publicly listed on the UK Carbon Register.
  7. We prepare a 5-year progress report on your forest carbon.
  8. We prepare a 15-year progress report on your forest carbon.
  9. Reports continue every 10 years up to 100 years.

How much will I be paid and when?

Payments vary, but we pay no less than per hectare of forest created.

We pay 70% of the agreed payment once your site has been validated (usually 12 to 18 months after planting), an additional 15% at the first verification point 5 years after planting, and the remaining 15% at the 15-year verification point.

Is Woodland Carbon right for you?

We work with a wide range of landowners across the UK.

To be eligible for our forest carbon program, you must have at least 5 hectares of land available for tree planting.
You must prove that your land has not been wooded in the last 25 years.
As part of our program, you commit to planting at least 1100 trees per hectare.
The owner’s permission is required.
You must be prepared to enter into a long-term contract with the Woodland Trust to protect the trees and carbon on your land.
You may incur costs for the creation, establishment and management of your new forest, but we support you by facilitating your access to forestry scholarships.
There are no additional costs for the registration, validation or verification of the Forest Carbon Code – all this is covered by the Woodland Trust.

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